Leicon Tarpaulins

As an international designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, Leicon has been a major consumer of PVC fabrics and polyether foam rubber for many years. In 2005, an in-house tarpaulin department was launched. Leicon's tarpaulin department produces and repairs tarpaulins for all applications, both for industrial customers, agriculture, event sector and private individuals. Moreover, thanks to the large stock of foam rubber or mousse, mats and mousse blocks can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively in various thicknesses and qualities.  Both custom-made and series production is possible, always combined with quality, fast delivery and interesting prices.

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The flagship product of the Leicon tarpaulin workshop is a high-frequency welding machine for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic joining of tarpaulins. Thanks to a ten-metre-long table, this mobile machine can handle large tarpaulins with ease. The machine welds with a power of up to 10 kW and can suture lengths of up to 100 cm in a single movement. 

Thanks to a second smaller welding machine, we can perform repairs and retouching on smaller surfaces while you wait. For on-site interventions, we have portable hot-air welding machines.

A long-arm stitching machine allows sewing and joining of both large cloths and small pieces of tarpaulin. Large canvases are cut, pieces up to one metre can be die-cut. Our punching machine with swing arm can punch 26 tonnes and several layers of tarpaulin in one single movement. Leicon has dozens of die-cutting knives of different shapes as standard.

The cloths can be provided with a reinforced edge, with grommets or buckles. Rings are hammered in semi-automatically. We have a wide range of dies to finish your baches quickly and efficiently. You can choose from round and oval rings in brass or stainless steel, in various sizes.


Both private and industrial customers find their way to Leicon's bache department. We are at home in the agricultural and transport sectors, but equally make tarpaulins for tent builders or banner printers. We make custom-made fall arrestors or sports mats for you. Thanks to our stock of tarpaulins in various qualities and in more than 12 colours, we can quickly respond to your specific requirements.

Some examples of bache products we manufacture and repair:

  • Tarpaulins for trailers and market vans
  • Bachen for agricultural vehicles and covered wagons
  • Conveyor belts for hoppe
  • Collars for cattle
  • Covers for sandpits and swimming pools
  • Crash breakers for tippers
  • Tents, awnings and canopies
  • Covers and ballast bags
  • Slurry bags and sandbags
  • Dump tubes
  • Banners
  • Stage curtains
  • Container nets
  • Windbreak nets
  • Judo mats, sports and game mats
  • Soft walls and floors for play corners, snoozle rooms
  • Blinds cloths

We repair all parts in sailcloth, such as :

  • Repairing all tarpaulins
  • Opened welds
  • Torn-out rings
  • Replacing zips
  • Replacing transparent film in tents or tarpaulins 

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