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With its own tarpaulin department, Leicon is able to process and repair tarpaulins of all shapes, colours and sizes. Projects of any size are finished with great precision and quality. Below is an overview of the products and services offered by Leicon Tarpaulins.

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Leicon repairs damage to your sail or bache. Both smaller tears and large repairs are no problem. Some repairs are done by welding machine, others are sewn with great precision. Leicon provides fast service and quality repairs.

Do you wish to have a sail repaired? Add some photos of the damage to your contact form. This will allow us to estimate the repair more quickly.

Trailers - Trucks

Leicon makes all kinds of tarpaulins for trucks and containers: roll-up bays, sliding tarpaulins, tipper tarpaulins,... 

Flat sails and tarpaulins for trailers are made to measure, in series for manufacturers and individually for the end user and with a choice of colours.  The finish and fastening method can also be freely chosen. We can also make the curbs.

Special service for trailers
You give us the approximate dimensions of the trailer or of the bache to be fitted on it and we will draw up a price. You bring the trailer to us so that we can fit it. If you make an appointment in advance, we will produce the tarpaulin while you wait. Count on 90 minutes for a flat tarpaulin to 3 hours for a hood.

Covered wagon

To provide tourists with a dry and warm ride in the covered wagon, a solid roof is needed. Leicon custom-builds your covered wagon tarpaulin! By incorporating transparent pieces, your passengers can enjoy the surroundings while being protected from wind and rain.

Agricultural machinery

Leicon makes all kinds of baches for agriculture. We measure the machines and manufacture the tarpaulin completely to size. But even if you provide us with a technical drawing, we can make the tarpaulin.  Leicon produces tarpaulins for agricultural machines, hoods for mowers, fall breakers for bunker harvesters, conveyor belts for haulm separators, mats for potato containers, conveyor belts for hops,...


Sail production also extends to the production of tents, stretch tents and awnings. Standard sizes and models as well as customised dimensions and models are possible. The tent structure can take shape as a stand-alone tent as well as tents for annexes tailored to an existing building, and completely to the desired size.

Industrial curtain

Baches are ideal for creating partitions in large spaces.  Tarpaulin partitions are an inexpensive solution to compartmentalise or keep certain areas dust-free. Industrial curtains can be made to stay fixed or fitted with wheels to slide open easily.

Tarpaulins and covers

Leicon tarpaulin covers provide the perfect protection for all kinds of objects. Machines, appliances, spare tyres... For any size, Leicon can provide a cover that keeps out moisture, dust, UV and light. They are the ideal protection in the workplace, during transport or for storage.

Light tarpaulins

If you are looking for cheap, lightweight sails, Leicon is the right place. Leicon offers lightweight bachen in standard sizes and with standard finishing. Each tarpaulin has a hemmed PP cord and aluminium rings every 100 cm. There are five qualities with their own weight. There are a lot of different sizes which, depending on the quality, range from 2 x 3 metres to 10 x 15 metres.

The choice of weight depends on the application:

  • Bachen of 75 g/m² are suitable for temporarily covering and protecting materials.
  • Bachen of 100 gr/m² are suitable for all types of temporary covers, -ideal for construction and industry.
  • Bachen of 150 g/m² are suitable as a better and longer-lasting covering.
  • Bachen of 250 g/m² is stronger and has excellent UV protection.
  • Bachen of 550 g/m² is ideal for long-term covering of materials, has high tensile strength, good UV resistance and is highly abrasion-resistant.

Spare parts

At Leicon you can also find all kinds of parts for tarpaulins: loose rubber bands, sandow elastic, buckles, hooks, straps, rings, zips,... If you need a part for your bache, Leicon is the right place.

To do so, contact us and ask for our catalogue.

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