Leicon Tarpaulins

Leicon produces and repairs tarpaulins and industrial textiles for industry, agriculture and individuals.
Quality workmanship, competitive prices and fast delivery times are our greatest strenghts.  


Large and small trailers and trucks


Agricultural machinery, (picking) carts, cabs,...


Open, semi-open or closed tents in all sizes.

Tarpaulins and covers

Protection against moisture, dust, UV and damage


Minor retouching and major repairs

All services

Discover all applications of Leicon Tarpaulins!

About Leicon

Leicon, Leisure Consulting Company in full, is a manufacturer of leisure products like indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and surface-mounted swimming pools. Thanks to our own sail-making facilities, each sail can be custom-made for different purposes, and quality is under strict supervision.

About Leicon 

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